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The Pre-Historic Type

Main Features of the Pre-Historic Man

The study of the cranial architecture of the pre-historic humanoids (Neanderthalers, Sinanthropus,...) has proven the exactitude of the phrenological diagnosis. These pre-historic creatures present all characteristics of the materialist, destructive and "terre à terre" being: 
The Sinanthropus, as reconstructed by Weidenreich
  1. Extreme development of Amativeness

  2. In the animalistic life of these creatures, it is quite obvious that the lower instincts dominate. Their brutal and impulsive sexuality, conditioned by the development of Amativeness must have marked their lives, but the propagation of their race in difficult conditions would be ensured! 
    The lower stratum of the skull is developed disproportionally compared with the modern human; the radius of Amativeness, just like the bi-auricular width, being progressively reduced in the framework of human evolution towards moral conscience and spirituality. 


  3. The Bi-auricular width: Destructiveness, fight, physical energy

  4. The cranial structure of the Sinanthropus shows a roughly triangular or ogival shape due to the extreme width of the skull base (at ear level) and the absence of parietal protuberances (centres of fear and Cautiousness). 
    If the cerebral locations are conform to the psychological reality which they exteriorise, these destructive savages, formed for all audacities, should present such a skull conformation. 
    In fact... they do, and those who in our modern society are qualified as "savages" or "brutes" show similar features. Julius Caesar and Rasputin showed parietal protuberances so weakly developed that they were close to this pre-historic ogival shape. This is the source for their audacity. Their superior intelligence however masked to the superficial observer their destructive and sanguinary character. 
    The bi-auricular width is a measure for the developement of dynamic force. 


  5. Strong development of Perceptive faculties

  6. The base of the front is extremely protruding. This is the sign of a perceptive development, of realism and materialism. In extreme cases, with a lack of Causality, it is the animal "mind" incapable of any supra-material, metaphysical or spiritual thinking. 
    The intellect of early humanoids is in fact mainly limited to sensorial perceptions. Nothing escapes them. Only the lower frontal lobes are developed, leading to a sloping front of only about 2 cm, whereas the modern human has evoluted to a frontal height of 4 cm or more. 

The Pre-Historic Type Today

Among today's "savages" (whether or not they are wearing jacket and tie!), one may find types who approximate, through one of these three points, the pre-historic skull configuration. They are living contrasts, in their psychology just like in their configuration, with the ovoid type which represents the highest and noblest evolution of the humankind. (example: King Baudouin). 

 Let's thus learn to recognise these signs, as to warn ourselves, or as to metamorphose, through a sensible moral education, these savage energies in energy sources in service of a noble cause. 

 (This description was adapted from Prof. Bouts "Les Grandioses Destinées", with the kind permission of the author.) 

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